Extra Features of Visual Vayak.Net Software
1. Latest Technology

Visual Base & .Net Base Software of latest Technology 2010 which is four steps ahead of Window base. By using this software you can work more easily & Speedily.

2. Good Appearance (Graphical User Interface)

Every screens are developed with variety of colours & graphics. So, it will appealing to your eyes & make your work on software becomes enjoyable. The less educated person can also learn easily.

3. All in One Entry System

First time in India we have launched - All In One transaction facility, in it you can Deposit, Withdraw, Transfer money from different accounts of one person to an other different accounts. Eg. Withdraw from F.D., Saving, M.R., Daily etc. & transfer to 2-4 types of loan & other accounts through single transaction.

4. Supervisor Check (Magic Eye)

Management or other responsible person can know details of each & every entry done in computer. Which entry is Add / Modify / Delete by which user & computer on which date & time can be recognize.

5. Internet base online Service

If Internet connection is available with your society, than Direct Online Service is also provided by us. With this your computer screen can be operated by our executives from our office and you can also see it. It is 100% secured

6. Advance Security

For security, the password of every employee is stored in machine language. In addition the information such as which user has made which entry from which counter and at what time etc. can be know for the purpose of security.

7. Unlimited Sub Schemes

For the Loan, Fixed Deposits, Reccuring & other schemes you can create thousands of sub schemes according to your requirement and it's effect will be available on day book, Balance sheet, ledger & reports.

8. Design Your Own Certificate

You can design Share Certificates or F.D. Certificates according to your requirement. in our visual software you can design your certificate with different fonts size and fonts type as you wish.

9. Get More Than Imagine

You can get much more facilities than your expectation in this software. Ex. Name of person, Address, Phone No., Birth Date, Blood group, Male/Female etc. 25 types of information. In addition to this, you can enter 20 types of information about that person. Similarly for loan, saving you can add 15-20 new fields according to your requirements in the module.

10.Licence Free & Tension Free

In most of the window base program you have to legally purchase licence for the back end of Access, SQL or Oracle. sometimes it's cost is more than the cost of software of Credit society. While with Vayak you don't need to spend a single Rupee for Back end licence. Just buy the Vayak software & be Tension Free.

11. Custom Grid (Finding)

According to your requirement you can filter, find, search, view, report or export your data. This facility is available in all Screens. You can also export all reports to Excel. Any software can not provide this unique facility.

12. Multy Tasking

This software is made with Multiple Document Interface concept whereby work can be done on more than one menu simultaneously. Due to this work on 5-7 screens is possible.

13. Data Security

Due to Relational Database Management System the data security will become more powerful. In this chances of Data curruption become less.

14. Loan against F.D. / C.S. / M.R.

At the time of providing loan against F.D. or other A/C the account will get automatically locked & at the time of total repayments all loan will get automatically unlocked.

15. Setup

This software is totally Policy base software in which you can make all types of setup Ex. Person, Schemes, Multi A/c open transaction, SMS, Email etc. You can create so many types of loans & also decide it’s policies.

16. Interest – Dividend Calculation

We have 8 to 10 different methods of Interest calculation which could be set as per society requirement. Interest can be set person wise or scheme wise. Also rate of interest can be modify the every monthly.

17. Guarantor In Loan

You can decide about having or not having loan guarantor or how many guarantors are required for one loan or one person can become guarantor in how many loans etc.

Mortgage Detail of Vehicle loan, Home loan, gold loans etc. can be stored in our software.

18. Audit-Check

Software itself make audit report, about some mistakes in data entry done by operator. All kind of mistakes and problems are shown and rectification is guided by our software, for accurate accounting.

19. Scheme Designer

Society can design new schemes for collecting deposits, by our scheme designer. Scheme Designer help to decide rate of interest and duration of new scheme to the Society. for new types of F.D. and monthly recurring schemes.

20. Fastest Data entry

After 15 years of experience this software is developed in such a way, that in this software, you can do your data entry in fastest way. like person transaction, Generate multiple transaction etc.

21. Agent Collection

The quickest posting of agent’s collection is possible only in this software Agent transaction, Mobile base agent collection and auto posting is possible, very quickly and on-time.

22. Multi User & Counter Control

You can set user right in our software, You can decide which screens should be displayed to which users. even counter wise rights can be set, which person can sit on which computer etc.