F.A.Q of Vayak Software & Service
How many types of report, voucher, rojmel etc we can get from software?

In our software you can get more than 100 types of reports, statements, vouchers, etc That you can see on the screen as well as you can get print out of it. You can get Daybook, Tarij, ledger, Profit & Loss a/c , Balance Sheet of any date you require so the printing cost of the society is same.

Will computer guide us if we make mistakes?

Computer will not guide but our software will guide e.g. if you want to resign of any member then our software will check that the resign person is surety in any loan or not, is any loan outstanding in his name, is resignation possible etc. When you enter loan a/c computer will automically check for surety etc. Same way for the withdrawal or deposit entry computer will check for balance.

What type of security system you are providing in your software?

Our software is protected with user id and password so society secretary or manager can assign user id or password to each staff member and also they can assign menu rights to each user id. In our software we have date lock systems so that secretary or manager can lock the date so that any user cannot enter data in old dates. using backup facility you can backup your data in hard disk, pen drive and cd drive so there is no possibility of data base you can also use good antivirus software in your computer.

How you entered in co-operative sector and by who’s guidance you can get such kind of depth?

To computerize first society it took around three years because I want to develop such type of software so that any person without having computer knowledge can operate easily. So I approach many of the society auditors, bank officers, and Society staff to take their guidance for more than five years & to write more than 80 lakh characters with artificial intelligence, this software is developed.

How do you provide service support to co-operative societies?

Our service support will be in various ways. It is mentioned as below.

A. On site service: Our service engineer will personally visit on your society to solve the problems you are facing. He will guide you & also give training about problems which you are facing frequently.

B. On phone: Your problems can be solved by doing phone call. You have to make a call on our complaint number afterward our executive will solve problem by calling you.

C. Call centre/on line: We are running call centre here for solving the problems you are facing. We will help you by using team viewer or ammyy kind of software.

D. Guidance book: We will also provide a guidance book in which we have given the photos of how to use software, which you help a lot.