F.A.Q of Price and Order Process
What will be the cost of software?

Credit co-operative society is one type of mini bank, where person can open various accounts to invest his money like - Savings , Compulsory Saving , Monthly Recurring, Fixed Deposit etc. & can also take Loans as per requirement when needed.

Which kind of computer I should buy for society?

It is depending on your workload, our technician team will guide you.

How long it will take to get license software for my society?

Generally it will take around 15 days from the order date.

What are the payment option available to purchase your software?

The payment of software can be made in the followings way

1) By cheque: You can draw a cheque in the name of our firm “Vayak Technologies”
2) By cash deposit: You can deposit cash direct in our bank a/c.
3) By Neft transfer: You can transfer amount by ECS or NEFT to our bank a/c.

Why should you buy our standard software when others programmers are selling at cheaper price?

If any patient is suffering from kidney problem then he goes to the kidney specialist instead of going to M.B.B.S doctor the same way if we want to buy society software then we should approach the company who has specialized Knowledge and experience in co-operative society fields like vayak software Because only computer knowledge cannot create society program but computer Knowledge + accounting knowledge +society bye laws knowledge, you can develop society software.

We are getting one banking software at the cheaper rate should we buy it?

Some people say that banking & co-operative societies are same so you can buy banking software. From first sight banking and co-operative society is same but when a customer become a member in your society then his loan, fd, transaction will linked up with member number with the help of which you can see your balance & dues. While in banking if you are having 4 different a/c you will be counted individually. Bank and co-operative societies are different from audit reports, bye laws also. That’s why banking software is not right choice to use in co-operative societies. Our software is standard & specialized for co-operative societies. More than our 1200 clients are co-operative societies.

Is it possible to change computer software if society by laws is changed?

Our software is developed with long term vision and it is setup base package. So in future if your society policy is change or society bye laws are change than your staff members can directly change the policy according to your requirements. Our software is programmer independent software. So in future if you start new loan type or your loan interest rate is change then you can change yourself. Right now our software runs in more than 1205 societies with different bye laws, its shows that our software is very flexible.

Will you provide software in Hindi / Gujarati language?

Most of the credit and employee societies are in urban area and society staff is also educated so its is better to use English software, but in small centres where society insists for Hindi / Gujarati software where we had provided Hindi / Gujarati software and it is successfully running in many societies.

If virus appears in our computer will it affect the software?

Generally virus attack only executable files in computer in will not affect your data and executable files can be replace with new one at any time form your software DVD and for more safety You should install latest updated anti-virus software in your computer and you should update it regularly time to time.

If we have to format our computer than what?

Before formatting your c drive you should take proper backup of our software than you can format after installing operating system in c drive you can call at our office and our service engineer will install require software in your computer by using team viewers via internet connection.

What type of p.c we should buy and what will be the estimated expense?

It is depending on your workload, our technician team will guide you. For the cost of computer you will have to contact your hardware suppliers.

We are oftenlty facing power problem what can we do at that time?

A. For power or power fluctuation problem you should purchase U.P.S (uninterrupted power supply) with at least 20 minutes backup time.and if you require more time you can purchase extra battery or generator as per your requirements.