General Features of Vayak Softwares

Artificial Intelligent: Software Itself having Artificial Intelligence, So you can work easily without any knowledge of Accounts (like: Debit Or Credit etc.

Good Appearance: Only one Software having reports with linings & good colour combination.

Auto Posting: Just do transaction entry & software will automatically Post it in Day book, Ledger, Balance Sheet, Reports.

Audit Reports: 70-80 Reports for Audit Purpose.

Automation: Automatically Interest & Dividend Calculation

Low Burden: 80 % Work will be decreased.

Easy & Simple: With out so much knowledge of computer you can work easily.

Protection: Security by double password protection.

Policy: Totally Policy base package, so you can change your policy any time independently.

Independence: It is a Dongle base software , so you can install software yourself, also can move software from one computer to another independently.

Totally code less: Fully code less Package.

Magic Eye: Software Will Guide you at time of mistake.

On line: Calculator, Calendar, Planner, Message note, etc.

Date Lock System: Due to locking system unauthorized person can't disturb your work.

Mgt. Info. Systems: Management can get information about approximate income, expense, profitability etc.

Label/List: Members Name, Address Label & List Printing Facility.

Back up facility: Double Backup facility on Hard disk & CD.